Three Big Problems With Facebook Activism

This article relates to the chapter of “Activism” as it focuses on activism on Facebook. Although social media is a platform to bring awareness to social issues, there are problems with this type of activism as well. The article discusses three problems. Firstly, social media tends to transform social issues into cultural capital; social awareness can become the end of social gain, rather than social change. Another problem is slacktivism which is pretty obvious. The last one is “money troubles.” It suggests that anything that is posted on social media will become mass-consumed because social media platforms are all profit-maximizing corporations. Thus, the focus on social awareness can be devalued.


Game industry has ‘to do better’ for gender equality

This article relates to the lecture of “Labor and Ideology.” It suggests gender inequality in the video game industry which society and companies need to be aware of and change. Less females are hired in this male-dominant industry, and the females game programmers earn an average of $10,000 less than male programmers. Women’s perspectives are considered invaluable because video games’ target consumers are males. This is an issue should be raised discussion in the society in order to make a change.

Facebook and Instagram ban developers from using data for surveillance

This article reports on the new privacy policy that Facebook and Instagram released. It is announced that developers could not use data obtained from Facebook and Instagram to provide tools that are used for surveillance. This article relates to the chapter of “Surveillance and Public Sphere.” This new policy is also significant for civil rights activists as they have increasingly raised concerns about mass surveillance and aggressive prosecutions of activists of under Donald Trump’s administration. This privacy policy is meaningful because it shows that Facebook is taking a stand on the issue of human rights as well as supporting human rights.

Norm Breaching Ideas Group 5

  • Direct message someone on Instagram
  • Screenshot EVERYTHING that someone Snapchat you
  • Replay and screenshot someone’s snap constantly
  • Invite people to the facebook games
  • Write your status like essays on facebook, show your feelings
  • Post unprofessional pictures on your Linkedin
  • Retweet a random’s tweet
  • Live stream video on Instagram every day or very often
  • Constantly posting Snapchat video, interactions can be valued through the number of views, see if it goes down
  • Comment on people’s insta photos without liking it
  • replying to someone’s snapchat through text message
  • Every time someone likes your insta photo, you tag them in the comment and say “thank you for your like”