Instagram tests offline functionality

Instragram is developing a new feature that could soon allow it to work offline. Instagram is currently experienting with this new idea, and give people the ability to use it offline, espeically those users who have low bandiwdth. This new feature that Instagram may soon launch will allow its users to stay connected always, and give them the ability to be a part of Instagram, even if they do not have service. This is truly a glimpse into the future, showing how soon we will be connected to our social networking sites 24/7.


The Power of Participation

Through the participation methods of sharing, commenting, and liking, this post about a student from guelph university who suddenly passed away recieved the attention of a famous singer she idolized, John Mayer. After her passing, a friend of Kayleigh’s created a post on Ellen Degeneres Facebook page, trying to get her attention to pass on a message to John Mayer about this young girl and how much of an impact he had on her life. She shared a special bonding with her father over one of his songs and last night at his concert in Toronto, John honoured her the song after he sang it. This all became possibly simply through the power of participation on the social networking site of Facebook. Recieving thousands of likes and comment, a dream came true that no one knew would!

Cyber Bullying Warning over App

I came across this article that was published today, warning the parents and teachers of teenagers in Ireland about a new app that is becoming popular amongst the generation called, SimiSimi App. This app is simply an “artificial intelligence robot which collects user comments on subjects and generates responses based on these comments when questions are posed to it”. Many people, especially the teenagers using it are becoming aware of the negative aspects this app creates. The users feel a source of protection through the fact that what they post is anonymous. There have already been many reports through the use of the iTunes app, and although the popularity of using this app is rising many people believe that “teenagers do not need an app like this where anonymous bullying can take place. Is all the money the creator is making really worth the mental illness that this app could cause”? It still remains as the top downloaded app in Ireland today, but many parents, as well as teachers are taking extra precaution and watching over their children while using it to reduce the act of cyber bullying. simsimi.jpg

New feature on Instagram Live Stream

Live streaming has become one of the most frequently used features that social media sites have recently added. After Twitter received so much positive feedback from their live stream feature, social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram added the option to do so as well. The only difference was that Instagram, unlike the other two SNS, did not allow you to save your live stream, until now! They have recently decided to join the trend this week, allowing their users to save their live stream after it being broadcasted. Some may disagree with the option because they like the privacy of knowing that the live stream is not available once it is over, but again the users have that option whether to save it or not. “Video is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Instagram”, but now live streaming is being noticed as one of the most popular uses because people enjoy watching something that allows them to see others in real time.


Social Media Surveillance​ in Russia

I came across this website that was recently posted and it explains how Russia is now creating a cyber intelligence task force to keep track of the use of social media, specifically in relation to decreasing extremist content. This relates back to a recent unit that we just covered in class about surveillance, and as a class, we discussed if tracking down the actions of citizens should be allowed just because it is conducted by the government. Personally, I don’t believe any information should be tracked, and people have the right to have their own privacy, even online. The government of Russia has tried as early as 2002 to try and control their country’s actions and limiting them, but it is clear that the majority do not like this and continue to go against it, despite the consequences.