On The Note of Power of Participation…

Relating to a previous blog post, I would like to elaborate on the power of sharing posts online. After scrolling through my Facebook feed, it is outstanding to see the amount of views and likes some videos, even memes receive (some in the millions). Each like or view is a separate individual person on a separate account and separate device who has laid eyes on the post… Crazy. The power of the share button has not only spread media attention to the masses, but also saved lives. GoFundMe is a popular website to fundraise money online for personal causes. After browsing through the website, there are countless trending stories of people struggling with illnesses, funeral expenses, and building a school in Thailand upon many other things. I find it so amazing that these people are able to share their story or struggle with the public in hope of finding aid, and quite often on these stories the financial goal has been reached if not surpassed. This itself shows the power of the ‘share’ or ‘like’ button and power of online participation.



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