Four Main Reasons For Gen Y’s Unhappiness

I highly recommend watching and carefully listening to motivational speaker Simon Sinek’s video on Millennials in the workplace. Were you born after 1983? Congratulations, you’re a millennial. In his interview he talks about current social media and flawed parenting in summarizing the newer generation’s problems. Millennials have been deemed “tough to manage” and “entitled, self-interested, unfocused and lazy” as we are claimed to go into the workforce wanting to make an “impact” in 7 months, something that rarely happens, and if no impact is made in those 7 months… then we quit.

A common trope with millennials is that we are told we can have anything we want, told we are special, and receive a medal or trophy for coming in last place. Sinek elaborates on the importance of this as when you enter the ‘real world’ your ego and self-esteem gets smashed, something our generation is not used to from childhood.

The connection between technology and alcoholism is made, relating to dopamine as social media releases the same dopamine alcohol or gambling releases, making it have potential to become very dangerous.

Sinek talks about how millennials go to dinner with their friends and all have their phones on the table top or are texting someone who is not there, which is a problem, and let’s be honest… for the majority of the people in our generation, sadly this is true!

“The best case scenario is you’ll have an entire population growing up and going through life and just never really finding joy. They’ll never really find deep fulfilment in work or life” – Simon Sinek


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