Snapchat changing the way we view news

Since the introduction of Snapchat in 2011, they reached ultimate success as they currently have roughly 26 million users in the United States, with 60% of those using the app aged 13–34. With a system that allows the common user to post and share multimedia over one social platform, it doesn’t really differentiate itself from all other social media sites. However, Snapchat has changed the way in which the common-person views news in the media today. Anyone with a smartphone is able to become a news-like broadcaster, publishing content in the now that will only last for 24 hours if shared as a story, or 10 seconds (max.) if shared privately. By creating this self-destruct system of media, users feel the need to constantly be updating others on what’s going on “right now!”. Whereas Twitter presents literary text, and Facebook is more for memories, Snapchat differentiates itself being a system which allows users to quickly share photos and videos “while supplies last”.


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