“Facebook Partners With Craigslist’s Founder to Fight Fake News”


This recent article discusses an announcement made on Monday about Facebook being part of an $14 million dollar effort called the News Integrity Initiative with Craigslist.  It is going to be funding projects in improving news literacy and trust in journalism.  They are working together to try and fix issues related to fake news and clickbait.  Mark Zuckerberg has addressed fake news and misinformation and how they are taking it very seriously, finding ways to eliminate fake news.  Facebook wants to be a place where journalism can be successful and not misleading.  This initiative is important in having a head source of fake news like Facebook (where a lot of fake news is viewed) to be working together and trying to fix the problem and eliminate the issue.

This article relates to all the aspects of fake news we discussed in class and gives an good insight on how much fake is news impacting us.  It also demonstrates how major companies such as Facebook are working together and trying to fix a major online issue.



One thought on ““Facebook Partners With Craigslist’s Founder to Fight Fake News”

  1. This initiative is a good start, although I feel platforms like Facebook have an even greater responsibility to uphold journalistic standards and ethics by contributing even more funds to dedicated watchdogs. I like the suggestion by Emily Bell mentioned at the bottom of the article:

    “Bell also argued in a recent essay in the Columbia Journalism Review that technology companies such as Facebook and Google should donate several billion dollars to fund a non-profit journalism entity similar to the BBC, as a way of helping to repair the media industry that they disrupted.”


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