Virtual and Augmented reality working with Gameification

After talking about Gameification last lecture, I only thought that it had a place mainly in video game situations, and not everyday life. After reading Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable, Gameification came up, but was talked about in a different way that was very interesting. To me, gameification is the encouraged engagement with a product or service. Just like how we talked about in class, the roll up the rim is an encouragement to purchase more Tim Horton’s coffee, or how McDonalds monopoly is another reason why to eat McDonalds. After seeing these examples, it guided the meaning of gameification in a way that I can only see it in a certain way, through games. However, a chapter from Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable has changed that.

Within the chapter, Kelly talked about Gameification with the combination of the virtual world (VW) and how people who are wearing wearable technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality devices are prone to gameification. The reason for this is because Kelly states that the virtual world is under total surveillance, since nothing in the virtual world happens without being tracked first.

He states that because of this, it makes it easy to “gameify” behaviour, awarding points, or upping level, or scoring powers etc. The combination of gameification and the VW come into play during everyday life, where users can generate points for brushing their teeth properly, walking 10,000 steps, driving safe or picking up garbage from the street. This is all possible because everything is tracked and has the ability to be.

After learning about gameification and seeing how it can be combined with AR and VR in real world situation is very interesting and I thought that I would share it!


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