How to recognize (and fight) social media stress.

How to recognize (and fight) social media stress

I came across this article that was published today about social media users experiencing stress when using social media platforms. I find the topic of social media stress to be interesting because it has always baffled me on how one could experience stress using social media. I myself do not experience “stress” when using these platforms and I have always wondered how some people do. I ask myself, What is there to stress about? Not enough likes? Not enough comments? Will people like the posts? These are some questions I predict those who suffer from social media stress, are asking.

In her article, Melissa Gilligan interviews Psychologist Brent MacDonald and discusses the topic of social media stress. Brent tells us that using social media has become so automatic in our life that we don’t recognize how much time it consumes out of our day. He identifies two main impacts social media has on people, the first being how much time it take away from doing  other activities and second being how much weight we put on.

Brent moves on the state some key signs of social media stress:

“If it’s affecting our work, if it’s affecting our self-esteem, if it’s affecting our self-worth – then I think we have to be really cautious.” 

“What the research is starting to show … is that people with lower self-esteem tend to put more weight on the postings that they put forward.”

At the end of the article Brent offers some tolls in solving social media stress. He encourages people who are stressed to limit their daily use and enable notification restrictions on their devices.

“With Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram – those types of things – you’re constantly getting these notifications,” he explained. “Maybe put some boundaries around checking once or twice a day as opposed to constantly checking.”


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