60Minutes Episode on Fake News


This is the link to the recent 60 minutes segment on March 26 about fake news.  When I watched this on TV it made a realize how many people are not familiar with fake news and the concept around it.  While watching it, my family was very intrigued about the topic as they are not very familiar with it and they found it very interesting but also pretty shocking.  I think this segment gave a good description of what fake news is.  In the interview they talk about bots and the way they look like real accounts retweeting to encourage actual people to retweet and start spreading the fake news.  They talked about how the fake stories are created and how the stories have to be outrageous enough for people to want to click on them but still believable that it is news.  Fake news is such an interesting topic as it continues to grow.  It really makes everything online questionable about its authenticity.


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