Self-Regulation – Facebook

Chapter seven discusses the power of Facebook, the role of surveillance and the implications for privacy. As a vast majority of us have Facebook accounts upon other social media applications, this chapter further allows for us to realize the power of the internet. I would like to direct attention to the ‘Self-Regulation’ section on page 165. This section explains how Facebook, for the most part is able to regulate itself in what it does with user’s data, which they essentially use solely to maximize their profits. Fuchs elaborates how the US data protection laws only cover the government databanks thus leaving commercial surveillance untouched. At the end of this section Joseph Turrow explains how the privacy policies of commercial internet companies are “often complex, written in turgid legalese, but formulated in a polite way” assuring us that they care about our privacy however spread out over a lengthy policy discretely explain how your personal data will be given to “affiliates”. As Users, the majority of us turn a blind eye to these terms and press accept, unleashing our personal data for free to these websites such as Facebook for them to use for personal profits. Next time Facebook asks you to accept terms and conditions, give it a thorough read through and it is actually very interesting.


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