“How Livestreams are Forever Changing Social Media Marketing”

Unrelated to last weeks (or this weeks topic), I came across this article after looking into the impact of live streaming on a company/brand. I’m a huge fan of the electronic music scene and follow it avidly to stay updated on current trends in the scene. With the update in technology and combination with social media, Facebook was one of the first platforms to introduce the ability to live-stream videos. This aspect has done wonders for any music fan, and has allowed for like-minded individuals to virtually attend concerts without paying for a ticket.

Ultra Music Festival took place over the weekend in Miami, and is the first event to kick off  the widely anticipated festival season. Over the past few years, major festivals like UMF have used live-streams on social networks to increase access to the events for those who can’t make it, making a valuable impact on the traffic that hits their social media channel.

While this article was written in 2015 and a little outdated, it still highlights the importance of live streaming and how it has reduced barriers across the world, making events accessible and encouraging the use of online social platforms to do so.



One thought on ““How Livestreams are Forever Changing Social Media Marketing”

  1. Natalie,
    I totally agree. Over this weekend I as well watched the Ultra Live Stream and it is amazing to see how far it has come since beginning a few years ago. Not only have they created a live stream to showcase the various artist’s music, however they also morphed it into a talk show with live Interviews, Q & A’s, Behind the scenes and much more talked about in the article you shared. The stream promotes the artists as well as promoting interest in Ultra as a whole as they provide a stream for all the people who are not there, hoping to perhaps inspire them to attend in the future years. Live steams are, as you said, changing social media marketing!

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