Cyber Bullying Warning over App

I came across this article that was published today, warning the parents and teachers of teenagers in Ireland about a new app that is becoming popular amongst the generation called, SimiSimi App. This app is simply an “artificial intelligence robot which collects user comments on subjects and generates responses based on these comments when questions are posed to it”. Many people, especially the teenagers using it are becoming aware of the negative aspects this app creates. The users feel a source of protection through the fact that what they post is anonymous. There have already been many reports through the use of the iTunes app, and although the popularity of using this app is rising many people believe that “teenagers do not need an app like this where anonymous bullying can take place. Is all the money the creator is making really worth the mental illness that this app could cause”? It still remains as the top downloaded app in Ireland today, but many parents, as well as teachers are taking extra precaution and watching over their children while using it to reduce the act of cyber bullying. simsimi.jpg


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