Users fear social media is making them ill, but they still can’t stop.

In the article “Users fear social media is making the ill, but they still can’t stop” by Rebecca Flood, she discusses how millennials between the ages of 18 and 37 suffer from mental illness due to their constant social media use. Studies done, prove that this age group experience more stress, due to their social media use. She states:

“On a 10-point scale, with one being little or no stress and 10 being a great deal of stress, this group reported overall stress levels of 5.3 compared to an average of 4.4.”

Flood concludes the article by offering a solution via a social media detox, but reports that many people who agreed to this exercise, 28% of people actually follow through.


4 thoughts on “Users fear social media is making them ill, but they still can’t stop.

  1. Nice find. This is not the first study to find a correlation between social media use and stress/unhappiness, but the first I’ve seen to recommend a detox. Perhaps I should reintroduce the social media detox assignment in future iterations of this class?


    1. I found this article to be really interesting and thought provoking. I’ve noticed a lot of my peers have been taking time away from their social media accounts and in some cases detoxing from technology all together for days (and in some cases weeks) at a time.

      Although I agree that it’s important for people to detox, I think the fact people are at the point of having to physically turn off their phones or delete apps to avoid social media is a clear sign that being connected 24/7 is a problem that is only keep getting worse.

      Since we have the ability to respond to anything at all hours of the day, I think people feel the need to respond to notification immediately, simply because they have the means to do so. Being connected 24/7 disrupts sleep and causes anxiety. I find it startling that even though people are aware of this, they don’t have the will power to self-regulate by simply not logging in, rather they need to completely disconnect.

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      1. I agree with you entirely. I myself don’t partake in these self-detox actions, but i do find it ridiculous that others have such low will power to not look at their phone for a few hours while they work.

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    2. I wouldn’t know much about the detox experiment, but i feel that it would be a relevant assignment to include into the course sometime in the later future, as i enjoyed the norm breach assignment

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