Online Identities

Last lecture we looked at Nancy Baym’s article “New relationships, new selves?” where she touched on the idea of online identities. Social media sites make it very easy for individuals to come up with new identities to present online and it is assumed by many that the majority is doing this. Like Baym says under her subsection Honesty, “…people often expect others to be less honest online.”(pg. 115). It is difficult for us to know what is real and what is fake in respects to what someone is posting about themselves online. In a similar article to Baym’s, author Steve Matthews looks at the subject of the Internet and identities in his article “Internet Ethics”. Here, he states “The online environment of email, Facebook, blogs, and so on provides users with the time needed to present their preferred selves.”(pg. 4). He goes in to talk about arguments concerning the thought that online friendships can’t be possible when the Internet “distorts our self presentations”(pg. 4). Both articles bring up important questions of honestly and trust on the Internet, specifically what is real and what is fake online.

If you want to read Matthew’s article on “Internet Ethics” I have posted it below!



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