Group 7 Norm Breaching Assignment Ideas

  • Sharing random photos of your friends on Facebook
  • Writing detailed reviews of people’s posts and photos on Facebook
  • Changing your profile picture on Facebook every day
  • Sending every snap to all your contacts on Snapchat
  • Direct messaging people you don’t know in an overly familiar way
  • Formatting private messages in a professional way (Starting with “Dear …”)
  • Overusing emoji
  • Asking people to like your posts or photos in captions on Instagram
  • Tagging people in your own statuses to wish them a happy birthday
  • Adding all your contacts to a private group chat and attempting to have a regular conversation
  • Commenting on every post with the same comment
  • Asking questions on every post
  • Sending a snap to all your contacts and also putting it in your story
  • Using Instagram DMs to chat
  • Using exaggerated “text speak” in all your posts and messages
  • Using Snapchat as your only means of communication

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