Tinder: find your soulmate and your drug dealer

During the beginning of the year we discussed how tinder can be used to find friends in a new city, or help you on your road to true love. However, a new article by the guardian reported that drug dealers are using popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Tinder to find young customers.

Using hash tags on various social media platforms, potential users can search simple phrases like #weed4sale. Once found, the customer then contacts the owner of the account through direct messages, or in the case of tinder, swipe right to match with. The buyer can then meet them face-to-face, use paypal, bitcoins or online gift cards to purchase the desired item.

However, not all of it bad. Many young people in the LGTBQ community often use this method to buy hormones for gender transitions since it bypasses restrictions and bureaucracy in the National Health Service.

Cracking down on this kind of activity is very difficult since online social media platforms and police forces rely on its users to report instances of illegal actions. If its not reported its difficult to stop it from happening again.

Full article: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/apr/07/drug-dealers-instagram-tinder-young-customers


2 thoughts on “Tinder: find your soulmate and your drug dealer

  1. I think that this article is very interesting. As you mentioned, I remember talking about the different uses of Tinder in our lecture, but I hadn’t realized that it had been taken to this whole new level. In my opinion it is already dangerous enough for people to be meeting possible love interests through Tinder, but meeting with drug dealers… even more terrifying and dangerous. I find it concerning that these drug dealers on Tinder are difficult to catch by police, unless they are reported. This is definitely an incentive for drug dealers to join Tinder and also creates a different user experience for those who are on Tinder for it’s intended purpose of finding a love interest. This article just goes to show the different forms in which social media platforms can be used, aside from their original intended uses. Great example!


  2. I think this article well-demonstrates “social media gone wrong”. Personally, I don’t even think Tinder is ethically good app. Judging a person by appearance and users do not even really take it seriously. Moreover, finding drug dealers on tinder.. I think it’s just nono. Good article though!


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