I watched a video from “NowThis” on Facebook yesterday that made me absolutely furious. It was about a girl, Abby, who decided to file a suit against The University of Texas because she believed that she was being discriminated against for being white. She claimed that minorities who were less qualified than here were being accepted. Somehow her case was brought to the Supreme Court where Justice Scalia seemed to agree with her and he even went as far to say that black students “tend to do better at easier schools” implying that they are not good enough for an institution such as the University of Texas.

What I believe is the best part of this entire story is that Abby did not even have the grades to get in–she was basically complaining about absolutely nothing.

In response to all of this many black students went to social media to express their anger by sharing the hashtag #StayMadAbby. There were tweets that read things such as: “#StayMadAbby is for the white chicks who swear minorities get more scholarships than them, when really your 2.5 GPA ain’t cutting it”, and “What level of white privilege is thinking someone ‘took your spot’ as if you were inherently entitled to it by birth? #StayMadAbby”, and many more were tweeted with the same amount of anger and frustration.

This story reminded me of when we talked about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how so many people will now use social media outlets as a way to start activism and social movements.

It just amazes me how one white girl can complain about now meeting the requirements for a school and gets her case take to the Supreme Court, but when a whole African American community protests for rights they get attacked by the police. It truly makes no sense to me.


One thought on “#StayMadAbby

  1. Ohh ya, I watched this video a little while back as well. With social media nowadays, everyone thinks that they can post their problems and expect them to go viral in some sort of activist movement. For her, it actually did go viral – but not for the reason she wanted.


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