Foxconn worker working condition

The Foxconn suicides occurred at the Foxconn City industrial park in China. Foxconn was the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer at the time. The suicides drew media attention, but what is the reason that causing these young workers to commit suicide? The video below showing what kind of working condition are Foxconn workers dealing with.


One thought on “Foxconn worker working condition

  1. I think videos and contents like this one is important in spreading the awareness of the work and stories that are behind the creation of our technology. Employees of places like Amazon and Foxconn undergo harsh environments and work under poor conditions and high pressure in order to not only make a living, but to produce these products for people like us in first world countries. It’s not often that we (people who consume and enjoy these technologies) take the time to find out or look into what has to happen in order for us to be able to live the way we currently do. Behind the scenes of our technologically driven society lies a vast amount of exploited workers who sacrifice their own lives (sometimes even take their own lives) to produce these commodities that ultimate play a role in perpetuating our economy.

    Great media share!

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