Kony 2012 Slacktivism?


In 2012, a video was released and it went viral – this video is known as Kony 2012. I remember watching it and feeling incredibly inspired to do something, to make a change, to help those that needed help… but I never got around to doing it. Do you guys remember this video? They called for people to purchase a package (to which the money would be donated to the mission of finding Kony), and spread the stickers you received around your community. They wanted to gather supporters while also raising awareness of the child soldiers in Uganda. I would normally regard Kony 2012 as slacktivism, because the people that contributed only purchased the package thinking that they were helping though weren’t exactly doing anything to ensure that they were making a difference. After 2012, I didn’t hear much of the Kony project or any changes that came about from it – so I definitely just thought it was slacktivism… until recently. In one of my classes, I came across a video that showed the progress and results of this campaign. Take a look:

I’m surprised to see that actual change came about from this online initiative. What do you guys think? Did you watch Kony 2012? Did you contribute?


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