Mental Health Social Media App

In our seminar last week we touched upon #BellLetsTalk and I figured this was an interesting follow up to social media and mental health. A Calgary man has just created an app that allows people to post videos and art, and speak about issues in their life and the mental health issues they are facing. 


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Social Media App

  1. Mental health: There’s an app for that.

    As we know mental health is a huge global issue. Approximately one in four individuals will experience mental illness in their lifetimes. Although there are many kinds of therapy that are very effective, access to them is extremely limited, whether because of the proximity of resources, the cost, or the stigma associated with mental ill health that causes many people to avoid seeking help for fear of a loss of respect or status.

    In our digital era, it’s not surprising to me that someone has decided to face mental healthcare by building an app to help treat it. FOVEOCARE is an app where individuals can participate anonymously to connect with others with the support they need, whenever they need it.

    In my opinion, I believe this app could be very successful. The app itself offers a safe space to share your thoughts, worries, everyday stresses, relationship struggles, etc. The app allows people to build each other up instead of bringing each other down. Many people participate in #BellLetsTalk or for instance, the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” but a large portion of those individuals don’t know the true meaning behind the cause. With FOVEOCARE, participants are open to sharing their lifelong struggles, offering insight into mental illness and what its like to be depressed.

    Creator Daman Parmar, justifies his app by saying, “we live in a time where images on social media shows people living perfect, stress-free lives. Shiny photos and curated status updates can leave those who are experiencing depression or anxiety feeling like no one else feels the way they do. But numbers tell a different story.” Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are increasingly rising with no easy solution near by. Its time to try something new.

    Thumbs up for this app!


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