New Instagram Algorithm?

I’ve recently discovered that Instagram will be changing its algorithm and introducing a non-chronological newsfeed order, similar to Facebook. Instagram’s new algorithm will serve content that it thinks users will be most interested in, based on previous likes and a variety of other social aspects. This has lead to many Instagram accounts encouraging users to “turn on notifications” in order to ensure their audience stays updated. This update could cause many problems for artists, creators and upstaters using the platform to flourish and excel. What do you think about this new algorithm we should see in the next few months?

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2 thoughts on “New Instagram Algorithm?

  1. I’ve seen this new update receive a lot of back lash all over social media so I’m curious to see if it will actually go through – people are outraged! I understand the idea that Instagram is trying to give it’s users exactly what they are looking for when they go on the site, but I’m not so sure they’ve got it all figured out. For example, when I go on Instagram I tend to just browse through the photos without “liking” any of them. I think it will be interesting to see what Instagram thinks I want to see on my feed if I don’t give them any clues through my likes.


  2. I actually had a long discussion with my friend about this. The thing with Instagram is that I don’t think it’s the right platform to be introducing an algorithm like this. The idea that you will have to turn on your notifications just to ensure that you see the most recent content that people post is ridiculous… like I already get enough notifications, I don’t need to see more just because someone posts a photo. I personally am not excited for the update.

    Bailey makes a really good point as well! If I barely like photos or tag certain things then how are they going to structure my newsfeed? Are they going to look into my search history and things I google like Facebook does? I guess it might do the same as Facebook, but because the content on Instagram is limited strictly to photos it doesn’t make too much sense to me.


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