Civil – Crowdsource Sourcing Moderation

In light of what we discussed in a previous class about how it is peoples job to root through the entire contents of the given platform to rid anything that falls outside of the companies values, companies are starting to remove comment sections all together. To combat this problem of removing comment sections, which creates issues of participatory democracy on given sites, a company called “Civil” has “design a comments system that not only lets the commenters decide but comes specially designed to keep bias out.” Although the company relies on a free labour system or as they call it “crowd sourcing moderation”, much like that of Course Hero that we discussed in relation to surplus value.

This will limit offensive or bad posts but will it limit those who would normally comment but don’t want to waste their time proofing three other comments? Also, jobs are being lost for moderators, is this significant?

The full article can be found here:



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