Ketchup War

After Loblaws announced they were dropping French’s ketchup, made from tomatoes grown in Leamington Ontario, many Canadians took their complaints to social media. Rather then being an example of slactivism, the criticism lead to Loblaw’s deciding to “further review” selling the Canadian-grown ketchup. This situation demonstrates how online protests do have the power to be successful.



One thought on “Ketchup War

  1. The Ketchup war doesn’t stop with Loblaws either! Recently A&W announced that they would begin serving only French’s condiments in their restaurants. Apparently, “the burger chain says it’s always looking for Canadian suppliers and already uses tomatoes from Leamington, Ont., and its A&W Ketchup is produced and packaged in Ontario.” Who knew one post from a man who cared a lot about ketchup would spark such a big social media topic and even reach large companies like Loblaws and A&W. I’m a little bit suspicious though, I think that the choice to serve French’s condiments is definitely more than just wanting to support Canadian farmers…

    Here’s the link to the London Free Press article:


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