Microsoft Invitation to Sony for Online Cross-Play

In the age of online console gaming, it is always been a matter of competition between the 2 main players, Xbox and Playstation. Each consoles gamers often arguing over which has better online support and whose has a more competitive online experience. In light of Microsofts recent announcement, it will be interesting to see if Sony responds, and furthermore, where this step in online gaming will go. The possibilities for massive online games with cross-play is a very intriguing topic for sure!

Microsoft Have Just Invited Sony to Begin Supporting Cross-Play Between Xbox One and PS4



2 thoughts on “Microsoft Invitation to Sony for Online Cross-Play

  1. This could be massive for both companies if they were able to align this properly. Just imagine a game of Halo or something with 12 vs 12, Xbox vs Sony teams. I think the rivalries between consoles would be best settled that way. Would be very cool to actually have options to play on teams versus the other console, as well as normal game flow where it just puts everybody into the matchmaking.

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