Hackers, Liberalism, and Pleasure —By Gabriella Coleman

Gabriella Coleman point it out that hackers tend to uphold the values of freedom, privacy, and access; they tend to adore computers—the cultural glue that binds them all together.

However, she also mentions that “Hacking, cannot be reduced to liberalism alone, for it does not fully capture and exhaust the emotional aspects that hackers experience, most notably deep pleasure.”

Full article:  https://www.ias.edu/about/publications/ias-letter/articles/2011-spring/hackers-coleman


One thought on “Hackers, Liberalism, and Pleasure —By Gabriella Coleman

  1. Great find – this is a fascinating article, an important reminder of the creative joy many hackers find in their work (“art”?). I’m excited to hear what she has to say at her talk tomorrow!


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