Snapchat FaceSwap Feature

As someone who does not have access to most of the new Snapchat filters (iPhone 4 problems), I do not understand the hype. McCain Foods Canada, however, is monopolizing on this new social media trend.

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day and I saw this promoted tweet from McCain Foods Canada asking users to share their Face Swap with the hashtag #SmileSwap. Now, although I think the whole Face Swap trend is getting annoying, I think that this was an incredibly smart move on McCain’s part. McCain is using a trend that people are already talking about all over social media to promote their product and are attempting to join in on the hype. Now, I don’t know whether or not this tweet will cause people to go out of their way to buy smile fries and use the Face Swap feature with said fries, but it does create brand awareness amongst users searching the hashtag #FaceSwap. What do you think, smart or silly? Would you post a #SmileSwap?


One thought on “Snapchat FaceSwap Feature

  1. Snapchat is ranked #9 as “The World’s Most Important Social Media Applications in 2015.” I agree, I don’t necessarily think I’d go out of my way to purchase the fries just so that I could #FaceSwap, but it does certainly create brand awareness. I believe using Snapchat as a way to market your brand is genius.

    Similar to McCain using this app to promote their “Smiley Fries”, during the premiere of the new movie Deadpool, the movie producer paid Snapchat for a sponsored filter to help spread the word about the event. To get this limited edition Snapchat filter, you simply had to take a picture, and slide either left or right. In my opinion, this is a phenomenal marketing technique that allows for fans to spread the word about the release.

    In fact, I actually used this filter when the movie was being sponsored and had forwarded it to my friend. I’m contributing to their marketing strategy because by being a fan of the movie, I shared my excitement to another person who is now most likely interested in seeing the movie as well. Their marketing worked on me and it had likely influenced many others to see the film in theatres.

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