Instagram starts blocking “add me” links to Snapchat and Telegram

I recently came by an article talking about how Instagram has blocked “add me” links to certain social media platforms, so far including Snapchap and Telegram. Previously Instagram users were able to include “add me” and ’”follow me” links in a website section on their profile page, directly linking out to any other profiles they had on third party social services apps. When a user now tries to do that they are not allowed. A spokesperson for Instagram saying the reason they added this feature is because “This was a rare use-case, and not the way our platform was intended to be used. Other types of links are still allowed”.

One has to think did Instagram do this for the purpose to keep other forms of social media from being used, only wanting to promote themselves and not help out any other platform. Wanting to promote their social media platform only. Could other social media platforms like Facebook start doing the same thing where they start not allowing their users to post external links to other social media platforms. Would this have a huge impact on the way we use these platforms, would it be hindering our freedom and voice? Ultimately restricting what we could post and say.

Instagram starts blocking ‘add me’ deeplinking for Snapchat, Telegram


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