App called “Qriket” paying users to view ads

I recently discovered an interesting app called “quirket” after one of my friends shared it on Facebook. This app actually pays users (REAL MONEY) to watch advertisements.

How does it work exactly? Users watch a 30 second advertisement, in exchange to spin the virtual wheel. The wheel gives you a chance to win anywhere between 5 cents and 500 dollars.

Quirket shares 40% of its total revenue from advertisers with its users. Rather than advertisers paying for impressions, they pay for user opt-ins. This means that if someone clicks on the advertisement accepting the coupon, the advertiser pays between 25 cents and $2.

This method of advertising pleases both the audience and the advertiser. The audience gets paid to watch advertisements and advertisers only pay for those who are actually interested in the product.

After reading about Qriket, I decided to download it myself to see if I could win some money (being a broke collage student). After watching 4 or 5 advertisements I’ve racked up 15 cents. Referring people to the app gives you $1.00 and the new user 25 free spins. The only catch is you must earn $25 before you can redeem the money.

This new innovative opt-in advertising could definitely change how companies advertise.

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