The Killers Phone

I personally find Mark Zuckerburg and many of the big corporations in Silicon Valley contradictory. They say that they care about the encryption of our privacy and secrecy but at the same time sell this to advertisers and whoever can make them more money.

Why is it acceptable for advertisers to use our information but the FBI aren’t able to access a terrorists phone? Just seems like Zuckerburg is saying what the users of his site want to hear.


One thought on “The Killers Phone

  1. I agree, the system is very contradictory, however, I do believe that selling our information to advertisers is much different than allowing a back door for the FBI. My understanding of the case brought to hand, is the fact that this phone belonging to a terrorist has been “forever” locked and wiped due to the FBI’s attempts at unlocking it. Now, they want Apple to develop a back-door to the system where they can remove the passwords attempts, and regain the information. Although I do agree with Bill Gates in the article, in the sense that Apple should unlock and retrieve the info of this terrorist, I also understand the opinions of Mark and Apple, who believe that developing a back door is poison as it will forever give the FBI (and whomever get their hands on the encryption) the ability to go into whatever phones they want. The thing is, this whole issue just becomes messy when you begin to question whether or not Apple has developed their own back door for their personal interests and just don’t want to hand it over (like in the documents Snowden released). I don’t really know where I stand on the issue, because of course, it just seems ridiculous to think that there isn’t shadiness to the products released by these Silicon Valley companies – however, selling info to advertisers and giving the FBI unlimited access are slightly different issues and can’t really be addressed together.


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