Found this video very interesting and it uses one of the best terms we’ve heard to describe teenagers (and pre-teens) screen time obsession so far. Check it out.



3 thoughts on “Screenagers.

  1. I think this video is really interesting and brings up a lot of topics that need to be talked about. It’s pretty scary how disconnected we are from reality when we enter into these virtual worlds and shut out everyone around us. Also, what does it say about society that we measure ourselves by the amount of likes we get on an Instagram photo? Have we really become that shallow and narrow-minded? Near the end of the video I was almost feeling sad about the ways teenagers attempt to disconnect (putting the phones in the middle of the table or turning data off to study), I feel as though these “screenagers” lack any form of self-control. Lastly, this video made me wonder why and how iPads are being used in the classroom. I remember being extremely shocked to hear that my old elementary school purchased iPads for all of the students and to this day I still don’t quite understand their purpose.

    Great video – thanks for sharing!

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  2. I have a younger brother who’s right at the age of the “screenagers”. He owns nintendo wii, 3DS, Xbox, iPhone, macbook, iPad, pretty much every gaming/social media machine that you can think of. When comparing past day teenagers (so me at his age) and present day teenagers (my brother) the amount of hours spent on being on media has been increased by so much. I got my first phone at grade 11 cause neither my parent nor did I see a need of it. Not many of my friends owned a phone so I wasn’t an odd one, but now according to my brother if you don’t own any of those machines listed above, you are missing out. He says that you must need a technology to hang out with friends, and whenever he goes over to his friend’ house he brings some of his devices. I wonder since when did “hanging out” become being on gaming devices and playing together with no real face-to-face interactions. However this strangely distorted concept of “hanging out” does not only applies to the teenagers. Us, the past day teenagers, do exactly the same when being with one another. In gathering with friends there will often be a time of silence when everyone would go on their phone. In those time I feel obligated to be on the phone just like other people. Technologies are wonderful but I wish it had developed in a slower pace so I will see more of my brother’s eyes focused on me than being on the screen.

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  3. Great thoughts everyone, though we should keep in mind that these type of moral panics emerge every time there is a new media technology (even the term “screenager” was first used by Douglas Rushkoff back in the mid 90s). That said this trailer is indeed creepy!


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