Instagram Launches Account Switching

I though this article about Instagram officially launching an account switching aspect to the app would be interesting for people in our class to learn. Especially for those with jobs that involve social media managing, or for clubs on campus, this new aspect to the app will definitely be of benefit to many people!

Here is the link to the story: utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=facebook_post


One thought on “Instagram Launches Account Switching

  1. Instagram has finally stepped up their game! Much like Twitter’s account switching aspect, this will be incredibly useful. As someone who has a job that requires social media use, this will encourage me to use Instagram more for my personal account as before it was too much work (sad, I know) to continually log-in and out of the app. A great marketing tactic on Instagrams part to attract more users. I’m interested to see what other social media apps will adopt this trend next – hopefully SnapChat!


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