Virtual Reality Meets Virtual Gaming

Found this interesting article discussing the merging of virtual reality with virtual gaming, in order to create an even more realistic experience. However, devices like these bring up new issues such as desensitization. Desensitization means that “the person is no longer affected by extreme acts of behaviour such as violence and fails to show empathy or compassion as a result”. For example, a game about war become too real in the sense that killing someone in the game vs. killing someone in real life becomes the same thing. With more and more virtual reality projects immersing in the up and coming years, will we know where to draw the line between the gaming world and the real world?



2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Meets Virtual Gaming

  1. I found this topic and the question that you presented to be interesting. Perhaps with where technology is headed and with further development in technological devices, and in specific gaming, there will be a difficult or indistinguishable line between virtual reality, and the real world. Reading a little more into this, Kurzweil (a futurist) has predicted that “By the 2030s, virtual reality will be totally realistic and compelling and we will spend most of our time in virtual environments … We will all become virtual humans.” In developing these new realistic environments and virtual realities, it creates a new paradigm shift which has the potential for immersion like we’ve never seen it before. Exciting, yet scary to think about what the future holds.

    Here’s more Kurzweil on the Virtual:

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  2. This topic os something near to me as I have a race car simulator in my house, which could be classified as virtual reality. The ideas of desensitization with topics such as this are touchy in my opinion for many reasons. While some would argue that desensitization does happen and some people might take what they see in a video game into the real world, and often times even blame mass shootings and stuff on games, I would argue against that. While I could go on a massive rant about why, I will refrain and rather say that there is more to a situation like that than just blaming the game.

    Virtual reality games games like the ones mentioned are advancing very quickly, and I don’t even think we know where they are going, however I think most people know the difference between a game and reality. There are exceptions to everything as always though.

    Just my two cents, great read though, good topic!

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