Tatto Studio Sues Video Game Creators

Thought this was very interesting! A tattoo company is saying that “Take-Two” (the video game company) is infringing on the artists rights by creating replicas of the tattoo’s in game. Interesting look at the cross between real and virtual worlds and what is acceptable or what is going to far.



One thought on “Tatto Studio Sues Video Game Creators

  1. It’s an interesting subject how things from the real world cross into the virtual world and vice versa. That’s really interesting that a company (in the real world) is essentially suing a virtual entity. It’s really strange, because I don’t totally know how you would sue for something that isn’t even done in the real world. I really wonder how the tattoo company would win this case. How could they defend their argument when their art isn’t even produced in the same way (i.e. computer graphics vs. tattoo’s)? The players aren’t real people (in a sense), and the artistic media isn’t the same. It’s already tough to prove that a piece of work is “unique” (when there are so many factors that influence art, many argue that all art is just reproduction), let alone in such a situation.

    I think the bigger issue, though, is whether the virtual world can be equated on the same level as the real world. Can you administer and enforce laws and regulations, from one realm to another? Can the two worlds even cross over? Why should certain things apply from the real world and not others (i.e. why is extremely violent behaviour permissible in video games when it is illegal and socially and morally wrong in the real world?) In addition, can the two worlds be put on the same level when the outreach and exposure of the two worlds are different? Although NBA 2K is huge, it is nowhere close to eight billion people.

    I think this case is especially unique, because the players depicted in the games are real people. I wonder how this would have played out if the characters in the game were fictional.

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