No Internet for a Year

Here’s a quick link that’s worth watching, especially since we’ve all finished our cleanse. The cleanse now seems so insignificant in comparison to what this guy did. I think I can live without social media, but not without the internet.


One thought on “No Internet for a Year

  1. I can’t figure out how Paul Miller being only 26 years old gave up the Internet for a whole year. That’s insane!

    From what I took for his speech, he unplugged from the Internet because email and social media networks were consuming him. He wanted to clear up his leisure time and have unlimited free time.

    After the social media cleanse I told myself that I was not going to completely quit using social media, but I’m going to take control of my use of social media. Not being on social media for a week honestly opened my eyes to the feelings and motivations I have using Twitter, Facebook, etc. Immediately I felt a sense of freedom. To me, that’s a huge takeaway.

    Being a University student, I couldn’t imagine a year without the Internet. I’m constantly researching for upcoming assignments, as more and more professors are requiring research and bibliographies when choosing topics. However, similar to Paul’s argument, he felt as though he wasn’t being productive on the Internet unless he was doing research. He wanted to read and write but he wasn’t really accomplishing the things he loves when he was distracted by advertisements and social media. I feel the same.

    “I had no connection to the Internet and I was so free, I was so happy. I was so high on life. I experienced new sensations that I really never had before” (Miller, 5:45).

    What an incredible experience for him to share with everyone and for me being the audience, to reflect upon it. Props to Paul Miller, I wouldn’t be able to do it!

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