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  1. This was a very compelling and thought provoking graphic. It’s not something that we as users of these apps and services realize, until we actually think about it. I think it ties into Jenkins’ concept of digital labour in last week’s Chapter 3 reading, in the sense that these apps and social medias are dependent on the work and contribution of its users. Ultimately, It is based on these contributions that they profit off of. For example, Uber, like the image states, does not own any vehicles. Uber runs a network that matches drivers with riders. How Uber profits is through the success of these matches. Riders pay the drivers through their Uber accounts, and Uber takes roughly 20% of this payment from the drivers as a charge for using their network and payment system. Ultimately, Uber is making profit off of its users.

    I did not do any research on Uber, this is solely based off of what I know and understand. If it seems interesting, I would highly suggest to look into it for more precise information. Great share!

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  2. This is very interesting to say the least. I am sure there are countless examples where these types of things are apparent, however it almost seems to be hidden from us in many ways. After reading many of Terranova’s works in recent semesters I can’t help but notice the clear display of affective labour and immaterial labour in many places. This graphic demonstrates the power relations and how the owners of media companies are getting smarter in the sense that they are doing less and letting the users take care of everything. Very similar to the way the game we played in class works actually with the cats and the mice. Thought provoking stuff for sure!

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