Online gaming is good for your social life?

This study has shown that online gaming has improved peoples social lives through the formation of online “virtual communities,” as you are playing with your friends and real users from across the globe. I found this really interesting as online gaming is considered very important in peoples lives and by bonding through the game, identities begin to form through the use of online networks.



2 thoughts on “Online gaming is good for your social life?

  1. Interesting topic that is constantly debated and touched upon! Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that these people conducted the research about social gaming at conventions and in social places like bars. These places are already social and provide face-to-face interactions between potentially thousands of people and differ than say, sitting in your basement at home playing Xbox or PS4. It would be interesting to see how the results differed if they took information of people playing games in non-social areas by themselves. Im not against the idea of online video games as a way to become more social but I think more research is definitely needed.

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  2. When I finished reading the article, I found it really interesting that studies are currently being done on online gaming communities now, then when they first started to emerge. it’s not a shock that these virtual communities are social and have many social forms of communication. However, what the study did not focus on, that irritates me is that there are games that base their platforms on social interaction. For example, Maple Story is an online fantasy role playing game. However, most people use it more as a social media platform. I know a couple of friends who use to play just to talk with others, disregarding the action of the game. If the study focused more on games such as Maple Story, I feel the argument towards gaming, and how it makes individuals social would be a lot stronger.

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