Social Media forms that have retired

I thought this article was interesting, as it looks at modes of social media that no longer exist. The question is why do some social media sites last compared to others?


2 thoughts on “Social Media forms that have retired

  1. Interesting article. I think it’s weird how fast social media platforms rise to popularity and then essentially dissolve. I used Bebo and MySpace, and they were such a craze when they were at the height of their popularity, and now they just seem long forgotten. I think the environment changes so rapidly. Social media, like other forms of media (if you look at them that way), is fluid and evolves. It reflects the interests of the time, and also how people communicate. Bebo was a site where you could customize your profile, add backgrounds, stickers and really personalize your space to fit your identity (or the identity you pick up online). I remember MySpace having a similar principle. I think, at least with Bebo’s case, it wasn’t able to survive a world where working adults and college students wanted a sophisticated space, for academic and professional purposes. It was very childish, people often used fake names (i.e. video game character names) and put up pictures of actresses or famous people to represent themselves. Facebook, on the other hand, catered to adult audiences. It was sophisticated enough that adults could use it, and yet still had the same principles that young people were accustomed to in Bebo. People wanted to communicate on a more professional level, and I think wanted to display a more genuine version of themselves than what Bebo offered. I also think all age groups wanted a platform that everyone could communicate on. In this way, I think social media adapts to the interests of society. Whatever platform can’t adapt, usually fails.

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