Snapchat now the 3rd most popular social network

I found this article about Snapchat being the third most popular social network among millenials. I thought it was relevant as we were discussing the most popular social networks last class. Snapchat is definitely rising as being the most popular social network, especially among individuals ranging from ages 13-21.


2 thoughts on “Snapchat now the 3rd most popular social network

  1. I was really surprised by Snapchat’s popularity when we had this lecture. I was surprised because I thought that it’s target would be a far younger audience. I never knew that “70%” of college students used Snapchat at least once a day (as reported in the article). I don’t really go around campus seeing people “Snapchatting” on their phones, so I never knew that it appealed so much to our demographic. I also don’t think Snapchat offers any resources or benefits academically or professionally. You can’t really network on Snapchat, discuss projects, play games or have a conversation. Due to the lack of things you can really accomplish on Snapchat, I was surprised that it would appeal to even 50% of our demographic, let alone 70%. I do think that platforms such as Instagram (43.1%) and Snapchat are gaining popularity because we’re shifting the way we interact on social media. I think we’re going towards a more visual-type of communication and less text based. I think pictures are far easier to take, than writing paragraphs describing a situation. Also, visuals take a fraction of the time to process, as opposed to text-based messages. However, I am surprised that we’re shifting to this direction due to the lack of things you can do on Snapchat and Instagram. It will be interesting to see if these platforms survive in the long-term. I think they will always be present, but will never reach the popularity of platforms like Facebook.

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    1. I’m also surprised by the popularity of Snapchat. It reminds me of the anecdote in the Sherry Turkle reading about how young people somehow feel more comfortable messaging images to one another because they don’t have to struggle with the complexities (and potential misinterpretation) of language.


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