Twitter Losing Popularity?

Perhaps Twitter isn’t as popular as we thought. According to this article, “user growth has been weak the past several quarters and flat throughout most of 2015.”

Maybe introducing new features such as polls and increasing the character count of tweets from 140 to 10,000 will help Twitter regain popularity in the market. What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Twitter Losing Popularity?

  1. Perhaps Twitters popularity decline has to do with it’s security issues. An app called “Stolen” was recently taken down from the app store, due to many stolen twitter accounts. The app allowed users to buy and sell real Twitter accounts with the virtual currency they accumulated. The app also enabled the user to post on the stolen account. Essentially, Stolen allowed the customer to steal someones identity without consent of even wanting to be apart of the game. On Thursday night the creators tweeted “We’ve heard everyone’s concerns and have decided the best thing to do is to shut down”. Maybe Twitter needs better security against apps like Stolen, in order to regain it’s popularity.
    Read the full article here

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  2. The whole “Stolen” saga is quite interesting – I’m hoping we can talk a bit about it on week 8 when we discuss surveillance.

    As for Twitter’s decreasing popularity, I think that study cited in Bailey’s article might be a bit misleading. They only surveyed 1000 users, and it is not clear what their selection criteria was. However their flat revenue growth is a serious issue, and has been the big problem with Twitter since its inception.


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