To Build a Better Mousetrap



One thought on “To Build a Better Mousetrap

  1. I was successfully able to fill up the vat of ‘money’ in the game which lead to the ending of game with the word “Retirement” onscreen beside the Cat with the money. By the end of the game the state of each level was such: Top Floor had 2 Computers and 2 Employees at full wages, Middle Floor had 3 machines and 2 Employees at Full Wages and the bottom floor had everyone in jail. I think that this ending of the game perfectly shows the Marxian theory of the material wealth of one class (the Cat) means the material deprivation of another (the lower level). I think that there is something to take away from the fact that only the Cat gets to retire in the end, even though all the mice are the ones doing the work.

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