Tinder has a secret rating system

It’s called an “Elo Score” and is based on how often other swipe left/right on your profile. Unfortunately the article doesn’t explain how to look up your Elo Score (short of visiting the Tinder offices).



2 thoughts on “Tinder has a secret rating system

  1. Tinder has always slightly reminded me of “Facesmash”, the website created by Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook. I always thought that rating people online based on attractiveness was insanely shallow and hurtful to people and I’m glad that Zuckerberg moved on to somewhat better things. However, that is not the case for Tinder based on this disturbing article, looks like the “hot or not” mentality is here to stay.

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  2. I think this rating system, although shallow, will be interesting to analyze for social science and statistical purposes. It would be interesting to see what type of features make someone more “desirable”. I also think they downplayed how important attractiveness is in this rating. I think because of the way Tinder operates, and the lack of information displayed (other than the picture), people would base their assumptions on other’s by their visual appeal. I believe attractiveness would be a major part of the visual appeal of a person. But I am curious as to what other factors are part of the “Elo Score”. Would they look at how long people took to “swipe” your photo, and how people reacted before and after your photo was displayed? Would they take into consideration the type of person who selected you, or didn’t select you? It would also be interesting to examine how big a factor race is in your score, and what beauty standards are in the online dating scene.


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