How Facebook decides what’s in your news feed

This is a fascinating article on the evolution of Facebook’s news feed algorithm.


2 thoughts on “How Facebook decides what’s in your news feed

  1. After reading the online article, Who Controls Your Facebook Feed by Will Oremus, I am astonished at the complexity and secrecy behind Facebook’s algorithm. Personally, I have had many encounters with Facebook presenting either ad’s or stories on my newsfeed that are interesting to me. It’s almost as if Facebook is “reading my mind” in the sense that the posts are so relevant to my current thought process. In my opinion, the experience that Will Oremus has while exploring the Facebook office in Menlo Park, shows the fear that Facebook has in anyone decoding their powerful algorithm.

    I find it interesting that Facebook’s algorithm uses a prediction technique and how there can be many complications with this technique. Having very little knowledge with computer systems and algorithms, I found this article to be confusing at times but after doing further research I was able to get a better understanding of the overall concept of the prediction algorithm in relation to posts on our Facebook newsfeeds.

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  2. After reading this article I was honestly not shocked at the complexity behind Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook is an extremely massive and complex social media site. According to a business insider over 175 million people world wide go on Facebook each day.

    Similar to the complexity of Facebook’s algorithm, I asked myself “what determines which friends’ photos show up on my Facebook timeline? I was talking to my friend at the time who told me that those nine friends on the left side of my profile page we’re the people who have crept my profile or have ‘liked’ various of my photos or posts recently. Turns out he was almost correct…

    I found this website that lays out the surprising factors that contribute to why you will see certain friends’ photos show up more often in your friends picture box on your profile. Check it out!


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